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Aprile Winterstein, a resident in Spain, born in Canada, who has lived in Andalusia for 30 years. Her career in the real estate sector began in 1994. She is professional, hardworking and demonstrates a high level of initiative and integrity. Aprile is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and works tirelessly for her local, national and international clients. Thanks to her years of experience, she is very well connected and has proven her excellent communication skills in both Spanish and English.

Aprile Winterstein

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Iván Gallarin.
Personal Shopper

With Basque roots and after having travelled the national territory, getting to know its people and customs, he has settled in Malaga where he has developed his professional career. His specialization in sales, is due to his innate attitude of empathizing with people, understanding their needs. He has a special talent for real estate and dealing with people, being pleasant and trustworthy.

Iván Gallarin Real Estate Personal Shopper




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