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What do you need?

Tell us…

….about your dream home.
How can we help you reach your goal?
Let us know your ideal location, your necessities…


Our plan.

Design a plan according to your needs.

Once we understand your specific needs, we will prepare a detailed action plan for you. Unique and personalized.

Transparent, sincere and proactive.


It’s time to choose.

We have your bio, we have a plan and now after our exhaustive search it is time to select a property.
A potential property will be available from one of our exclusive sources, or from our “off market” selection of opportunities.


Let’s negotiate.

…we are on your side.

We always work in the best interests of our clients.

Once the ideal property has been found, our mission will be to negotiate its acquisition at the best possible price.


Time for truth.

… eliminate surprises.

We will go above and beyond to achieve your goals. As we will make every detail of the purchase as important to us as it is to you.

Transparent, sincere and proactive.


The investment.

… time to structure your finances.

We can help in every step, including finding financing, currency exchange and any other requirements for purchasing a property in Spain.



…our team is there for you.

Once your financial plan is in place, it is time to formalize the legalities. At this point it is necessary to carefully review each and every component.

We will always defend your interests at the notaries’ office, the banks or any other location required for the sale.


Time for the signing.

…Time to go to the notary to complete the purchase.

We will give you comprehensive support before, during and after signing.

Within our large team of experts, we have internal staff and external collaborators, who can advise you on all the steps to follow in a sale.


Investment options.

…it’s time to enjoy your purchase.

You can explore the options of making a profit from your investment.

Our team can also help you with the direct debiting of bills, make contact with professionals to help with repairs, adjustments or improvements to your property.

Always with the maximum confidence and personalization that you need. Discretion and transparency identify us.


How to make it profitable.

…if you would like to rent your property, to make an income, we can help.

If you decide to live in your property that is wonderful. However, if you prefer to rent it as an investment, we can help find a long term tenant or manage it as a vacation rental package.

Count on us whatever your decision.



“Excellent professionals, personalized attention, they make an effort to search according to the needs we had, and adapt to our conditions to offer us the best option. I recommend them 100 percent.”Carmen Sánchez

“Confidence, knowledge of the market and peace of mind. A company with professionals up to the task in a traditionally complicated market.”Daniela Gámez

“I chose this real estate company to sell my home and the result has been impeccable. Very professional, efficient staff with great capacity to adapt to my needs. A real success!!” Rosa Maria Hidalgo

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